Alpha Vertex

Alpha Vertex combines data science and machine learning technologies to deliver artificial intelligence systems that provide advanced analytical and forecasting capabilities to our clients.

We work with global hedge funds, asset managers, banks and corporations to monitor, link, classify and measure large volumes of information across the globe to identify emerging trends and model their impact.


Our technology provides our clients with extraordinary tools to significantly improve investment performance, identify market anomalies and process large alternative data sets at scale.

Predictive Models

We offer a set of quantitative stock selection models designed to capture the excess return dynamics of U.S. equities over short to medium horizons ranging from 3 to 20 trading days. 

Alpha Signals

Alternative factors designed to assist in the prediction of stock returns using analytical signals derived from cross asset class information, company-specific datapoints and investor sentiment.

Alternative Datasets

Rich datasets providing unique insights across a broad range of investment themes leveraging big data techniques such as natural language understanding, anomaly detection, sentiment and relation extraction.